Bhutan VISA information 

Do I need VISA to visit Bhutan?

Yes, all tourist requires VISA to visit Bhutan.

Where do I apply my VISA?

As per the norms of the Royal Government of Bhutan, all VISA should be applied through a licensed tour operator in Bhutan like us.

What will be the VISA Fees?

All of our tour packages are VISA inclusive, which means you do not have to bear any additional cost for VISA.

Can I apply VISA in my country?

No, embassies and offices of Bhutan in your country will not entertain VISA issuance. It has to be applied through an tour operator in Bhutan.

Is there VISA on arrival?

No, VISA for Bhutan has to approved prior to your arrival in Bhutan. You will not get VISA on arrival.

Documents requirements?

You need to send us the scan copies of your passport through our official email. Additionally you also have to purchase the flights and tour packages before we apply your VISA. As it is mandatory to produce all the details of itinerary, hotels, guide, transfers and return flights for VISA approval. 

What will I receive after my VISA approval?

Once your VISA is approved, we will send you the e-VISA, which you have to print it and produce upon arrival in Paro Airport. Your VISA will then be stamped on your passport. 

Is there VISA limitation in Bhutan?

No, if you are able to pay for the tour & flights, you will not have any rejection. The prices for tour & flights are set by government and is mandatory to pay the exact for your VISA approval.

Is it compulsory to travel Bhutan through an agent?

Yes, it is compulsory as per the norms of the Royal Government of Bhutan that all tourist has to be through an agent in Bhutan.

Travelling to Bhutan?

We are the local cultural and history experts in Bhutan who can help organize your trip. Let us plan your trip.

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