Bhutan Tour Packages and Travel Guide for the Philippines

If you have landed here in this article, I assume you are from Philippines who heard about Bhutan and have listed Bhutan in your bucket list. But, how do i reach to Bhutan from Philippines? How to travel to Bhutan from Philippines? What are the best Bhutan tour packages from Philippines? How to choose a tour operator? Are you overwhelmed?

Well, you do not have to be anymore, you will have all the answers for your questions by end of this articles.

Distance and Location

The distance between Philippines and Bhutan is 3,635 KM.

Both Countries are located in Asia, South East Asia to be more specific. 

But Bhutan is a landlocked country located between China and India.

Whereas Philippines is an island located in South China Sea.

Documents requirement

Filipinos requires a valid Passport and VISA to travel to Bhutan. Your passport should have a minimum validity of 6 Months.

If you do not have a Passport or is about to expire, this article (written for Filipinos) explains step by step procedures. 

Please note that, you cannot avail VISA on arrival in Bhutan for Filipinos.

Literally you cannot come to Paro International Airport, and say "Can I come in?" Pay the VISA fees and enter the Dragon Kingdom.

You have to clear and get VISA approval letter prior to your arrival. 

‚ÄčBhutan VISA procedure, step by step guide.

Flight Information

There are no direct flights from Philippines to Bhutan. So you have to take a flight to city that is connected with flights to Bhutan. 

New Delhi, Kolkota, Bagdogra, and Guwahati in India are the cities that is connected to Bhutan. Seasonal flights are also operated for Mumbai and Bodhgaya in India. 

Other cities are Kathmandu in Nepal, Dhaka in Bangladesh, Bangkok in Thailand and Singapore. 

Which city to choose for the Transit?

To be honest, I am not sure which route is best and which airport is easier for the transit.

However, I will vote for Bangkok (which I think is better). 

The reason for choosing Bangkok is, it is nearer to Philippines. It is approximately 3.5 hours flight timing. And from there, change the flights for Bhutan which is again 4 hours journey.

So approximately flight timing from Philippines to Bhutan will be 7.5 hours without considering the layover timing in Bangkok.

One thing that you need to keep in mind for this planning is, make sure that the flight you choose from Philippines to Bangkok lands in Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok. Both the airlines to Bhutan, departs from that airport on daily basis.

Total flight cost for round trips from Philippines to Bhutan, 

- Philippines to Bangkok = $300

- Bangkok to Paro = $1150

- Total = $1450

***Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines are the only airlines that is operated in Bhutan.

15% OFF On Flights to Bhutan from Bangkok.

$1150 (usual price)

$978 (our price)

Which Tour Operator to Choose?

Should you go with outbound tour operator in Philippines or choose inbound tour operator based in Bhutan?

Well let me be straight, Tourism Council of Bhutan has a norm, which states that all Tourist must travel through a licensed local tour operator. Basically what I am trying to say is, though you choose a Agent based in Philippines, they will be proceeding through a local agent in Bhutan.

But the thing is, you may have to pay extra separately for the agent in Philippines, which leads to extra money from your pocket for the holiday plans in Bhutan. So I recommend going direct with the licensed local tour operator in Bhutan.

How to verify a tour operator in Bhutan?

Bhutan Tour Packages From Philippines.

Now to the main point, which package to choose, and which is the best Bhutan tour packages from Philippines.

Bhutan is a tourism hot spot and have 101 things to do. So to be honest, I cannot pick one and say this is the best, and that destination is the best. 

Since the tours in Bhutan are all operated by local inbound tour operator, it is likely that the tours will be starting from Paro International Airport. 

None of the tour operator will have a separate tour packages of Bhutan for Philippines, instead it will be same for all other countries. 

In this post you have learned how to reach Paro International airport from Philippines. 

You can check our tours here.

If you want a customized private tailor-made tours, click here.

Bhutan Tour Cost For Philippines.

Tour cost for Bhutan is straight forward and is pre-set by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. And if you are looking for a cheap tours to Bhutan, it will be pointless. Coz, all tour operator has the same rate. So whether you choose a big company or a new company, or us, all rates are going to be same. 

Unlike in other countries, you wont get a price on basis of number of person in group. Basically, all tours to Bhutan will be a private tour. And again, it is pointless to search for a group tour with a though that you will get in discounted price. It will be same price except if you travel in solo or couple. 

This is the norms of Tourism Council of Bhutan that every tourist shall pay on Minimum tariff basis. Below is the price for the tour per night, set by the Government of Bhutan.

You cannot bargain or you won't find tour cost lower than this in anywhere.


High Season

Low Season

1 Person



2 Person



3 & Above



How to send your Tour Money

The tour cost shall be cleared prior to the arrival in Bhutan. And with limited flights and hotels in Bhutan, the bookings are made 2 months before, and easily gets sold out in high season.

There is not credit card or pay online services for the tour. You have to visit one of the banks in Philippines, and then send the money through the wire transfer. Your tour operator will explain and give the details.


I hope by now, you are confident to travel to Bhutan from Philippines. We have detailed all the basis that you will need to plan for the trip. If you need any other additional information, feel free to contact us and chat with us. We will be more than happy to answer.

If you find this post helpful and think it would help anyone in your friend/family list, don't forget to share.

Finally, we hope to hear from you soon, get started with the tour planning and see on board in Bhutan.

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