Measuring 180 meters in length, the Punakha Suspension bridge is one of the oldest and the longest suspension bridges of Bhutan. It is located about half a mile from the majestic Punakha Dzong passing through the cremation ground. However, the bridge can be easily missed as it is not along the highway. Therefore, please ask your guide or any acquaintances you may have to take you there.

The bridge although is long but it is very stable whereby the local people uses it as a daily transport medium. However, it swabs a bit stronger at the middle/center of it giving a quick adrenaline rush. We advise you not to try passing through it if you have the height and the swap phobia. Otherwise, passing it is so exotic and adventurous.

This famous iron suspension bridge which is always adorned with the colorful fortune and the prayer flags is believed to be built by the Buddhist master Thangthong Gyalpo. Today, he is remembered in the thoughts and the prayers of Bhutanese as the ‘Iron master.’

As the suspension bridge offers the scenic view of the Pho chu and the great valley view of Shengangna village which is known for the rice production, it is often the preferred shooting scene for the Bhutanese movies and videos.

One of the most interesting fact about the Punakha Suspension bridge is that it is motorable even by the horses. The horses in the past are commonly used to transport goods. Even today, some horses are seen passing this bridge.

Punakha Suspension bridge as one of the oldest bridge in the country is the model bridge for the emergence of the modern concrete bridges. Therefore, it plays a pivotal role as the pioneer bridge showcasing the ancient architecture of the country.

The bridge is open to all the commuters throughout the day all season.

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